Pledge Petroleum Corp.

Board of Directors

Mr. Headrick was appointed to the Board of Directors on May 2, 2018. Upon the execution of the Share Exchange, Mr. Headrick was appointed as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Headrick has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Wyoming Energy Corp., a company engaged in the oil and gas business, since May 2012. Mr. Headrick is also the principal of Christopher L. Headrick LLC, an energy consulting firm he founded in June 2015. He also has served since February 2017 as the Chief Executive Officer of H2 Energy Group, a company engaged in the hydrogen energy production business.

Mr. Zotos was appointed as a director on March 6, 2013. He also serves as a director of Novas. Since July 2007, he has served as a principal and a managing partner of JC Holdings, LLC, a company engaged in the business of buying, selling and managing heavy equipment and commercial real estate. On March 23, 2018, upon the resignation of Mr. Persiyanov, Mr. Zotos was appointed as the interim Chief Executive Officer and on May 31, 2018 he was appointed interim Chief Financial Officer. On March 6, 2013, Mr. Zotos was appointed as the Company’s Secretary and a director. Upon the execution of the Share Exchange, Mr. Zotos resigned as the Company’s interim Chief Executive Officer. 

Mr. Zotos brings to the Board significant business experience. Mr. Zotos’ prior business experience, especially his experience in the on-line industry, gives him a broad and extensive understanding of our operations and our industry. Due to his business background, he has a broad understanding of the operational, financial and strategic issues facing public companies.

Mr. Huemoeller has served as a director since March 6, 2013, and also served as our Chief Executive Officer and President, as well as Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of Novas from March 6, 2013 until January 1, 2016. Mr. Huemoeller serves on the Board of Directors of AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc., where he chairs the Audit Committee. Mr. Huemoeller has over 30 years’ experience in investment banking, finance, sales and marketing. Mr. Huemoeller began his career as an investment advisor in 1982 with M.L. Stern & Company a municipal bond firm in California and became a registered principal in 1985 managing retail brokers. He has previously been registered with various state insurance boards, as well as with the Chicago Board of Trade as a commodities broker. Mr. Huemoeller has held positions at Smith Barney, Drexel Burnham, Prudential Securities, and Paine Webber and has extensive experience in stocks, bonds, commodities, mergers and acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and private placement transactions.

From April 2012 until March 2013, Mr. Huemoeller had been the President of Joshua Tree Capital Inc., an independent corporate finance advisory firm specializing in providing strategic capital formation guidance to public and private small cap oil and gas companies. From March 2009 to April 2012, Mr. Huemoeller was a FINRA-registered investment banker focused on all aspects of taking company’s public, deal structure and Institutional placement of both debt and equity transactions with Buckman, Buckman and Reid. From August 2008 to March 2009, Mr. Huemoeller worked with Greenstone Holdings Group, LLC; an advisory firm with an emphasis on helping Chinese companies go public in the United States from January 2008 to July 2008, Mr. Huemoeller worked at Aspenwood Capital, a division of Green Drake Securities as an Investment Banker. Mr. Huemoeller previously served as Chairman and CEO of HumWare Media Corp, a publicly traded software development, media and technology company which he started in 1998 and was responsible for acquisition strategies and the day-to-day corporate operations. Mr. Huemoeller is co-author of U.S. Patent #5,855,005. Mr. Huemoeller completed various studies in the Bachelor of Business Administration Program at the University of Minnesota and has previously held Series 3, 7, 24, 63 and 79 Securities Licenses.

Mr. Huemoeller’s financial experience, specifically with energy companies, provides him with the attributes that make him a valuable member of the Company’s Board of Directors. His service on other public company boards brings to us important knowledge regarding corporate governance.